Jesse grinned then and silently pulled the rope from the floor of the wardrobe where he had hidden it the night before. He had had to go online for this because he hadn’t had the first clue on how to tie the ropes or even what kind to purchase.

Quietly he crept over to the bed and gently began to tie Sean’s hands and feet to the posters. When he had finished he backed off to look down at the sleeping form and he licked his dry lips in anticipation of things to come.

Waiting for Sean to turn on his stomach had been gruelling and Jesse’s eyes now feasted on his firm ass exposed for all to see who wished and Jesse wished. He wanted nothing more than for Sean to wake up now so that he could begin but patience had always been one of his strong suits and this time was no different.

He padded back across the room and sat in the chair to wait for his lover and Top to wake up and find himself in the clutches of his brat; at his mercy.

Jesse stood quietly in the corner of the bedroom watching. His eyes were steady and bright and a small smile played about his mouth as he breathed gently in and out. He could barely make out the beating of his heart even in the silence around him and the moon shining through the windows did little to illuminate the room. On the bed was the man he adored, who he sometimes thought of as his saviour in many ways and the man who every so often would spank him. Sean smacked his lips in his sleep and Jesse smiled wider wondering what he was dreaming about. In many ways Sean was a life line to many troubled kids and each one seemed to break his heart when he had to give them up.

Sean was fathoms deep in sleep when he felt a tug at his wrist. He tried to open his eyes but they felt too heavy, so he surrendered to the sweet call of sleep. A few minutes later, he felt another disturbance. Darn, what is wrong with the bed? It felt all wrong!

Irritably, he forced open one eye, his face partially buried in his feathered pillow. He stared for a long moment at his hand, which was an inch away from his face. It didn’t feel right; he was drawing his hand to brush the hair from his face and it wouldn’t move.

A sudden panic rose in his breast. Was he somehow paralysed?

“Jesse?” He moaned the first thing that came to his mind.

Jesse watched as Sean slowly came from the depths of sleep and for a second had the fleeting thought of whether this had been a good idea or not. Then he grinned and decided it was and that once fully awake and aroused Sean would love it.

He went to the bed and sat on the edge, placing a hand open palmed on Sean’s back. ‘Shh, it’s okay. You're fine, ‘he said quietly not wanting to startle his lover any more than he was about to be.

Jesse’s voice immediately calmed Sean, although it did nothing to stop the irritation about his immobility. “Honey, my hand has gone numb on me. Oh God, I can’t seem to move any of my limbs.”

‘Stop struggling Sean, you’ll only make it worse if you do.’ Jesse said and reached for a hand to calm him a bit. ‘Just relax and wake up, then we’ll talk about what is going to happen here.’

Earlier he had gotten everything ready for when the time came and as it grew nearer the butterflies got wilder in his stomach. Now he just had to convince Sean that this was a good thing and that he was going to love it.

Sean had by now managed to not only open both eyes but to also raise his head. “Jesse,” he said, still a little blurry. And then, as the ropes registered, his tone changed. “JESSE!”

Jesse cringed at that tone and backed away a little bit but knowing that Sean was secured it gave him courage to go back and sit down. He reached underneath his lover and began to stroke his limp cock gently, giving it a squeeze every so often as it began to come to life.

‘Yes Sean?’

Sean tugged at the ropes with his hands but when Jesse reached for his cock, he stopped and stiffened. Almost by instinct, Sean leaned over to his side ever so slightly so that Jesse could reach him more easily. He groaned deeply as he felt Jesse’s nimble fingers playing with him, making him hard quick.

“What are you playing at, you little devil? Undo me!” Sean growled menacingly, the sleep totally gone from his eyes. “Jesse, do you hear me?”

Jesse took note of the tiny movement and tried to hide the smile that came to his face, ‘Of course I hear you, I’m right here aren’t I?’

He reached around Sean and picked up the tiny cat ‘o nine tails he had ordered from the toy shop and whilst with one hand continued to masturbate Sean the other lazily ran the implement over his bare ass. ‘I would behave if I were you, relax and you may find that you enjoy this.’

Sean strained to look behind his back and caught a glimpse of the light whip. His breath caught in his throat in surprise, and immediately his cock twitched and became fully erect. He shifted uncomfortably on his stomach, yearning to get up or roll over or whatever, just to get his weight off his stomach and chest.

“Don’t even think about it, little boy! I am warning you ...”

Sean couldn’t help it; another groan slipped from his lips as his cock was squeezed and stroked in Jesse’s skilful hands.

Jesse smiled wickedly and stopped stroking Sean as he laid the whip down. ‘Would I harm you?’ he asked as he picked up the next thing in his little arsenal and working both hands under Sean he just managed to get the cock and ball ring on. It was a little more difficult than they told him it would be but then they weren’t dealing with Sean either. Once in place he got up from the bed and picked up the whip again and laid three light strokes, one below the other on Sean’s bum. ‘I think we need pillows.’ He said.

Sean moaned under Jesse’s hands, feeling totally powerless as Jesse fitted those things on him. He tugged fiercely at the bonds, even twisting his legs to see if he could get free, but even though they loosened a little, they held fast. Frustrated, yet strangely excited, he let go a long sigh and grunted when he felt the whiplash land on his butt.

“Ah!” Sean cried out, more from surprise than pain. “You better know what you are doing, Jesse?” His breathing was becoming heavy. “Are you going to let me loose, brat?”

Jesse ran the cat ‘o’ nine tails over Sean’s ass again and then let the little leather bits fall between his cheeks as he played it up and down, ‘Eventually I will but not just yet.’

He tossed the whip to the floor and reached for the pillows on his side of the bed and pushed them under Sean’s ass so that it was well in the air. He kneaded the cheeks and as he did he spread them a bit each time.

If there was one thing you could say about Sean Sebastian, it was that he knew how to pick his battles, and he knew when he should give in and enjoy. And that was now. With a resigned sigh, and a ghost of a smile, he closed his eyes and leaned his head back down on his folded arms.

‘You have the most lovely arse Sean Sebastian.’ Jesse said and then bent over to lick up the crack once.

As Sean felt Jesse part his cheeks, he tensed. Jesse had rimmed him often enough for him to wait in anticipation for the jolt of pleasure to rush through him. Sean wriggled and Jesse slapped one cheek leaving a pink hand print. Sean almost shot off the bed when he felt the smack on his ass.

‘Did I tell you to move? Lie still.’ He returned his attention to what he was doing and soon Sean was wriggling for other reasons.

Jesse stopped then and inserted one finger, pushing it in and slowly bringing it back out. ‘

“What the .... Jesse!” Sean once again twisted back to glare at his partner. He topped exclusively and suddenly he was very unsure of what his high-spirited lover was planning for him.

‘Feels nice doesn’t it? I don’t know why you have this aversion to anything there, let’s see what else we can find.’ He kept pumping the one finger as he reached on his side of the bed again and picked up a butt plug. It was small compared to the ones Sean had used on him but it also had a special feature to it. Jesse took his finger out and quickly inserted the plug and turned it on. It began to hum as it vibrated and having been on the other end numerous times Jesse was pretty sure he knew where the prostate was and he aimed for it.

Sean began to gasp as the vibrator was pushed deeper and deeper into him. “Oh God!” Sean cried out, straining back into Jesse’s hand. “You devil! Do you know what I am going to do to you when .... Ahh .... God Jesse!” Sean let out another cry as the butt plug hit his sweet spot.

Jesse paid no mind to the rantings of a man in the throes of pre coming and he snorted. He had a pretty good idea of what Sean was going to do to him and his own cock twitched in response to it.
Jesse licked his lips and gave him a few more turns of the vibrator and then turned it off and slowly removed it. By now he was sure that Sean was nearly mad with wanting to come and he reached down to run a wet finger over the head and underside of his swollen cock.

As Jesse fingered his cock, Sean thought he was going to explode. A myriad of sensations rushed through him – shock, hot shakes, cold sweat, the works. That damn cock ring did its work well. It was in its own way protesting the restraints and Jesse let it out of its bonds. He didn’t have long to wait and ironically the thought that went through his head was they would need to buy pillows.

He tossed the butt plug to the floor and picked up the ice cubes as Sean grunted, and then shot his load over the pillows. He had read that when a man comes ice can intensify the experience and who better to practice on than his Top? From the looks of it they were right too. He had been a little concerned about getting them in the right place, just under and behind the balls but he managed it just in time

Jesse was panting nearly as hard as Sean by now and he got up on shaky legs to undo the bonds holding Sean captive. ‘How was that for you? Oh, and good morning!’

Sean began to massage his wrists once the bonds were off, never taking his eyes off Jesse. His body was still twitching as his heart beat returned to normal. “That was ... incredible!” he said. “Where the fuck did you learn to do that?”

Jesse smiled, very pleased with himself. “I was at the adult shop the other week and there was this couple having a discussion. I had to walk around them to get the oil I wanted and she said that ice can give a really intense orgasm. I was curious and being the inquisitive guy that I am asked her about it. One thing led to another and you got to enjoy it all.”

“Uh-huh.” Without another word, Sean reached out and snagged Jesse’s wrist and pulled him down onto the bed. A quick flip and Sean was suddenly on top, his body pinning Jesse’s slighter form into the mattress. He purposely let his weight press down on Jesse, knowing he was squashing the breath out of his lover and that Jesse would be feeling very helpless and powerless right now. Just as he had felt when he had been bound hand and foot.

“Well, well, well,” Sean drawled, as he let his eyes stray over Jesse’s face. He leaned forward, and licked Jesse’s jaw, slowly, enticingly.

Jesse shut his eyes and sucked air through his teeth as best he could. He knew that Sean would not hurt him, he trusted him implicitly with all of his being but air was at a high price right now, Sean out weighed him, so the breaths were shallow and barely enough.

As Sean started to kiss Jesse, he groped for the rope, which had been discarded carelessly by the side of the bed. He drew Jesse’s hands up, on top of his head, first one then the other. Sean grinned smugly as he clasped Jesse’s hands together and began to tie them with the rope. His body kept Jesse captive, immobile.

“Who’s the prisoner now, Jesse?” Sean whispered into Jesse’s ear, before he moved his mouth over Jesse’s and kissed him again. His tongue parted Jesse’s lips and darted in, tasting him.

Jesse watched each movement that Sean made with rapt attention and shivered a bit at his spoken words.

As the kiss began he willingly opened his mouth to receive Sean’s tongue and felt it moving in and sighed. He didn’t mind being dominated in the bedroom anymore than he minded it in any other aspect of their lives, although being tied up was a bit worrisome and as Sean broke the kiss he looked up at him and smiled, “I am Sean. At your mercy.” He wanted those lips back and raised his head to try for another kiss.

Sean slowly pulled away, first his face, then his chest, and finally totally off Jesse. He reached for the length of rope and pulling it more securely around Jesse’s wrist, he attached the end to a ring at the head of their bed. Once secured, Sean came and knelt next to Jesse, with a firm palm on Jesse’s stomach to prevent escape. “Oh no, you don’t get what you want when you want, my love. You get what I decide to give to you.”

Jesse continued to keep his eyes glued to Sean and was a little bit disappointed to be told no just when things were getting interesting. He quickly recovered at Sean’s proclamation and let a small smile play over his face. It would be exciting to see what his lover had in mind and Jesse was willing to take things at a slower pace to find out.

Sean’s fingers slipped into Jesse’s shorts and pulled them swiftly down, leering a little at Jesse’s full erection. He flicked it carelessly, watching it bounce, and then playfully stroked it with one finger.

Jesse watched as Sean pulled his shorts down and they both looked at his proudly erect cock as it was sprung from those cotton confines. His eyes shut when Sean flicked it; he was trying to decide if that was painful or pleasurable. With each stroke of Sean’s finger it jumped and twitched which in turn made Jesse twitch.

“Tell me what you want,” Sean ordered.

“I can’t do that Sean; you have already told me to be patient and wait. Remember? What you decide to do?” Jesse was not being cheeky; he was actually more than happy to let Sean have his way. His eyes burned brightly as he looked at his lover willing him on to whatever he wished.

“My, my, what a good little boy we have here,” Sean crooned as he began to part Jesse’s legs. His fingers trailed a line down from his stomach to his crotch and then further down to the stiff penis. He played with it for a while, and then dipped further to the ball sac below. “You deserve a reward for being so obedient. Maybe I will squeeze these delightful little things, eh?”

Jesse blinked and blinked again as Sean’s finger went lower and then stopped at his balls. They contracted and pulled up as Sean’s finger touched them lightly and he whimpered.

“Hmm ... maybe you might like me to touch you here?” Sean‘s fingers hovered over the area below his balls and just before Jesse’s anus, not really touching but near enough to send shivers down his spine. “Or perhaps ... um ... here?” The fingers were now at the tight opening.

Jesse was panting lightly now and a fine sheen of sweat covered his face and chest. ‘Sean, please....’

“Spread them for me, Jesse. I want to see you – all of you!” Sean commanded, and shifted so that he was kneeling in between Jesse’s legs. He stroked the white flesh on the inner thighs, marvelling at how smooth they were, and when he heard Jesse’s moan he pulled Jesse’s legs up, easily lifting Jesse’s buttocks off the bed.

Sean pulled a pillow – the same one Jesse had thrust under him – under Jesse, elevating his butt off the bed and giving himself better access. He grabbed the lube in one hand and squeezed some onto his fingers.

“No toys for you, my boy. I don’t need them, and you wouldn’t want them.” Sean gently slid one finger into Jesse. “Not when you’ve got me.”

Jesse watched in fascination as Sean lubed his fingers and cock liberally with the oil, hearing the squishy noises it made between his fingers. At those words he looked up and spread himself open even more. As the finger slid in he sighed with contentment and pushed against it to take it deeper inside of himself. ‘Another one Sean, please, another one.’ He begged.

Sean was more than happy to oblige. He immediately pushed another finger in, feeling both slowly slide all the way up the tight passage, sucking him possessively and he almost couldn’t wait to replace them with his cock. But he knew Jesse always needed time to adjust, that no matter how gently he entered him, Jesse always tensed and clenched against the pain. So he made himself wait while he slowly fucked Jesse with his fingers, sliding them as far in as he could before taking them out again.

Jesse wanted to be free to grasp his throbbing cock and yanked with frustration at the bonds preventing him. He grunted as Sean’s fingers worked in and out of him, moaning when they failed to hit the sweet spot a few times and whispering to himself when they did.

His eyes were bright and glassy and he wanted Sean so badly to fill him but words failed him and he could only take what relief those probing fingers gave him which was increasingly not enough. He ground his hips down on them as they entered and re-entered him to their fullest depth all the while wanting more and it was so very close; just there. He could see that Sean was fully erect again and blinked in time to the twitching of his partner’s cock as it waited its turn.
Sean saw Jesse strain while his mouth cried out wordlessly, and knew his lover was ready for him. He thrust his fingers in one last time, hitting Jesse’s prostate, then withdrew them ever so slowly. He wiped his slippery fingers on Jesse’s shorts before he grasped those slim hips.

Positioning himself, he began to ease into the opening before him, his eyes fixed on his own cock as it pushed in. He grunted loudly. Oh God, that felt so damn good, Sean thought to himself and he threw his head back and closed his eyes in pure pleasure.

Jesse nearly came off the bed when Sean removed his fingers but soon they were replaced with what he had wanted more and more and he sighed happily even though he had to will himself to not push against the intrusion. Sean had not been standing behind the barn when size was passed around and it took a bit to calm himself to accept him inside. Soon though the pain was replaced with a feeling of fullness and then pleasure as Sean’s cock on its own seemed to know exactly where to go.

Sean felt Jesse move and adjust himself against the huge intrusion that was now firmly lodged inside his body. Sean reached down and slowly stroked Jesse’s cock, knowing how much he wanted that. It was very hard and dripping with pre-cum.

“You want me to touch you here, Jesse? Stroke you like this?”

Jesse nodded vigorously at the suggestion and whimpered as Sean’s hand wrapped around his penis and stroked him once. Oh God, that felt so good and he nearly came right then. He grunted with the effort to hold off and bore down with his ass to try and get his lover moving.

Sean laughed and stopped. “Easy Jesse, I don’t want you to come.”

“Whatever did he mean?” Jesse thought to himself.

“At least not yet.”

“Oh, well, that was fine then. Wait! No! ! Jesse’s mind was screaming at him for release and here it was being denied him. Sean was a swine, a goat, a buggering fool if he thought..oh wait, yes! That was good!” His minds whirled around in circles.

Sean began to move his hips, gently thrusting. After a while, he reached for Jesse’s cock again and used his thumb to rub against the slit in Jesse’s cock, squeezing out a bit more pre-cum.

Jesse whimpered a bit louder and thrust towards that wonderful hand as the thumb caused him no end of panic, he needed to come now! Oh that cad, that toad! Jesse thought as more pre-cum escaped him.

Lubricated, Sean languorously massaged Jesse’s cock, tightening his fist then sliding it up and then down the length. He could hear Jesse’s gasps ringing in his ears, and he began to rock harder and faster. His balls contracted as he felt his own orgasm drawing near.

Who would Sean give his bike too? He was going to die. He just knew it and he hadn’t made a will yet. Who would get his CD collection? Oh God! His brain exploded right along with his cock and he felt the rush of semen as it shot up the length of him and arced out over his belly. He jumped with each squeeze, each stroke, and his eyes crossed and he was sure he was looking at his brain and it wasn’t over yet. Things were building inside of him and he was nearing a climax to beat them all he was sure.

This would do it, his heart pumped faster and faster as it grew nearer and then he was falling over the edge of reason and embracing insanity. He squeezed his eyes shut along with his legs, capturing Sean between them and drawing him nearer. If it had been possible he was sure he would of climbed his way inside of his lover and died a happy man. As his body stopped thrusting and twitching he realised he was not about to face his maker and he even remembered to breathe. He blinked and looked up at Sean, watching as his lover neared his own climax.

Jesse would of liked to have waited for him but he consoled himself with the fact that watching the man you adore come was nearly as good. He spread his legs wider again and listened to the gentle slapping of Sean’s balls as they made contact with his ass. This was heaven, pure and simple.

Sean had watched Jesse come as if from a distance. He hadn’t meant for Jesse to come, he had meant to keep him on the edge till they could come together. But he guessed he had made a bad estimation and hadn’t been able to pull his hand away fast enough. Damn! But Sean had enjoyed seeing Jesse’s reactions, had enjoyed hearing his cries and moans.

He was pumping into Jesse long and hard now, his mind at some plateau which consisted of nothing except white hot pleasure. Wave after wave of ecstasy surged through Sean, starting from his loins, spreading into his nerve ends, and he heard his own voice yelling out, calling over and over again the name of his lover.

“Jesse! Oh God Jesse!”

By Caleb & Teri